Single Sign-On System including Red Hat SSO


Red Hat SSO 7.5 is running on a geo-redundant VMWare Cluster, load balanced by a f5 load balancer. The system has a fully automated CI/CD infrastructure using Jenkins to build and deploy DEV, TEST, Customer Integration and PROD stage. Red Hat SSO itself is using Red Hat Datagrid to offload and distribute the session cache from the SSO Servers. Registration, login and account pages are highly customized, including a backend service which gathers a special third party code.

Lots of load testing was done to make sure the performance requirements are met.

Performance requirements: 100 registrations / second, 400 logins / second, 5 million users

Gepardec is a competent partner for developing complex systems and delivers excellent software. The communication with Gepardec was very good in all phases of the project and it was great to work with Gepardec.

Dipl. Ing. Gerhard Rudinger

Bereichsleiter Software Development

Solution & Benefit

  • Customers have a single system where they need to register for all media partner offerings.
  • The media partners have a common SSO system which enables them to track their customers regardless of the media they are accessing and optimize their offerings.
  • The media partners can use the 3rd party code to give access only to paying customers.

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Red Hat SSO

Jenkins CI/CD